Dave Merrick – The Voice Trusted the World-Over.™

The Voice Trusted the World Over™ for Political Ads, Video Game Characters, Narration, TV and Radio.

For years, clients worldwide, from large ad agencies, to small startup businesses have trusted Mr. Merrick to lend his voice to their projects.  This is because they know that they can trust their projects to a man who is a master at his craft.

This functionality of this site site represents Mr. Merrick’s long-held desire to simplify and streamline the way that voiceover business is conducted.

Technology has changed everything.  But for some reason, ordering voiceovers was still a chore in communication.  “Have your agent call my agent and we’ll get together in a couple of weeks”  YUCK. 😕   Here’s an Idea: Order voiceovers the same way you’d order anything else online.  Voila! davevo.com was born. No middle-men, no messing around, no extra service fees or commissions.

On this site you order and work directly with Dave.

As Dave would say, he’s a “Pretty easy-goin’ dude…”  and also he’s easy to work with!

  • Already know what you want? Just place the order.
  • Have some questions? Use the contact page. (He works with you directly after that, but you know… spammers….)

As Dave says:

By running an efficient studio, I’m able to deliver on-time, on budget, and without all the hoop-jumping that’s plagued this industry for years.

My revolutionary final product review process means that you’ll get to listen to your recording before you have to pay.  And if you like the review sample, you can pay and download right then and there. easy-peasy!

My only question is:  Why aren’t you using me already?  You’ll save money, have faster turnarounds than the competition, have professional results, and zero risk of losing your money.

  • Political Ads
  • Video Game Characters
  • Radio sweepers/Station IDs
  • Commercials
  • Movie Trailers
  • Character Voices (Animation)
  • Corporate Presentations
  • Voicemail
  • Training Videos
  • Documentaries
  • Narration
  • Accents